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Learning and Beyond Programs

All of our programs provide opportunities for children to learn through play, active explorations of their environment, child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities and through interactions with peers, adults and hands-on materials.

Our Progams

Infant Program (8weeks-12months)

Our infants are provided personal attention, security, stimulation and the warm nurturing they require. The staff provides the auditory and visual stimuli that prepare them for the next level of development. Our staff will encourage creativity through hands-on art activities. Indoor as well as outdoor activities are used in order to teach gross and fine motor skills. Parents will receive daily reports on eating, changing and new developments of their infants.

Toddler Program(12-24 months)

Our staff will use activities associated with a "Theme of the Week" to encourage creativity through hands-on activities that further develop the language, fine and gross motor skills necessary to excel in the world around them. They will be encouraged to express themselves in their new found mobility. They will be involved in circle time, music, stories, movement, outside play and other planned activities that will provide them with language and problems solving skills as well as interaction with others. Again daily reports will be provided.

Preschool (2-4 years)

The preschool program is specifically designed with learning centers for individual and group projects. "Theme of the Week" activities provide a stimulating creative multi-sensory environment. Children will begin learning math, language and reading readiness skills. They will also participate in hands on science and art projects. Music, movement, outside play, free choice, as well as social interaction will be provided in the curriculum.

Pre-Kindergarten (4 years-kinder.)

Our Pre-K class will prepare your child for the more advanced processes that are needed for life in kindergarten. All of the experiences in fine and gross motor development, letter, number recognition, writing skills and phonics come together. Confidence in conflict resolution and creative solutions enhances their intellectual, emotional and social independence.

Before-School Program

Children participating in this program may arrive at the center as early as 6:30am; breakfast is served until 7:30am. There will be a variety of free choice activities for them to join in before school. They will be walked to school by Learning and Beyond employee.

After-School Program

Children enrolled in the after school program will meet a staff member who will walk them back to the center. They will be provided with a snack. After-school time will be spent finishing homework, working on computers, engaging in physical fitness, playing games and engaging in art activities.